Help us in naming the new park “NEW YORK CITY AIDS MEMORIAL PARK”

New York City is going to officially name the park once memorial construction is completed and the site is turned over. We want to have a say in its naming.

As you know, we have raised $6.5 million to fund the park’s construction, maintenance, and educational programs. While the park adjacent to the Memorial is now open, the actual AIDS Memorial will not open until late summer, with a special dedication ceremony following in September.

Please help us ensure that the new park be called:

How you can help:

Send a letter to Tobi Bergman, Chair of Manhattan Community Board 2, along with copies to Honorable Corey Johnson and Honorable Gale Brewer.

Make your voice heard! And please act now!  We need you.

Download a sample letter, which includes e-mail addresses.

A message from Eric Sawyer, New York City AIDS Memorial Board Member

eric sawyer

In 1981, a 100% fatal disease with no name, no known cause and no cure began to rapidly kill gay men in their prime. Fear of this unknown disease – coupled with the stigma, hatred and moral disdain – caused the government, the healthcare establishment and the general public to turn away. However, the courage of the gay community, its allies, and leadership within other impacted communities propelled them to demand their human right to health and personal dignity. Soon, New Yorkers from all walks of life rose to their sides, developing a cohesive community response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic that has revolutionized drug research and changed the course of public health and global development the world over. The over 100,000 New Yorkers who lost their lives to AIDS, and the advocates who helped demand change, deserve and will soon have a beautiful public monument to pay tribute to their courage in the face of such adversity. It is only fitting that the beautiful park that surrounds and supports this monument be named the AIDS Memorial Park. Please join us as we call for this park to be forever named, The New York City AIDS Memorial Park.