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A Time to Listen


More information can be found on the project mini-site,

A Time to Listen is a conversation series presented by The New York City AIDS Memorial where we invite our community to join us as we learn from the past, apply what we know to the present, and come together to prepare for the future. Each of the five, one-hour-long episodes will feature guests sharing current experiences, and knowledge of AIDS history connected to New York City and beyond. Each episode will include engaging video clips from the AIDS response as conversational prompts. 

Produced by Theodore (ted) Kerr, a writer, organizer, and artist whose work focuses on HIV/AIDS, community, and culture, and Dave Harper, Executive Director of the New York City AIDS Memorial, this series allows us to share enlightening conversations with history makers, insider information from community members, archival material about the ongoing crisis, plus opportunities for our audience to share their personal memories and insights. 

A Time To Listen is part of HEAR ME: VOICES OF THE EPIDEMIC, a project that is on temporary pause due to the COVID-19 crisis. Conceived as an on-site sound installation, Hear Me will be made up of audible moments from the historical and ongoing response to AIDS in New York City; from oral history to news clips; found footage to dance songs, and more. Hear Me will be the second exhibition under our Arts & Education Initiative and an important step in creating a living, breathing New York City AIDS Memorial. The postponement has provided us an opportunity to delve deeper into the content for the installation, now planned for Fall 2020.